Harrison Ford's Breitling Watch

Celebrities and their love of “high-end” designer timepieces, Breitling to be specific.  Watches; just like jewelry for women; have always been the most popular item of adornment in a gentleman’s arsenal.  Owning a quality timepiece is not only a quick means of calculating time, it is also an expression of one’s personal style.  And in the case of Breitling watches, which are nothing short of mechanical masterpieces, they are a symbol of status.

Pictured here is a photograph of Harrison Ford; “Indiana Jones”; wearing his favorite brand of timepieces, Breitling.  The model Harrison’s wearing is the Aerospace; which is part of the Professional Series; and it is a super-light and super-accurate Superquartz timepiece.  This watch features a “sporty-yet-classy” look, with its titanium case, that is extremely light and easy to wear.  The Aerospace also features basic chronograph functions as well as a countdown timer, a 2nd time zone, an alarm and even a minute repeater.  And, like nearly all Breitling models, you can choose from a number of different bracelets or straps to personalize your look.  Here, Harrison has chosen the ever-traditional titanium Professional bracelet.

As one of the largest authorized dealers in the Midwest, we at Burdeen’s Jewelry boast an extremely vast collection of Breitling watches, bracelets, and straps; including Harrison Ford’s own timepiece the Aerospace.  There are many other celebrities who indulge in Breitling watches; for example; Brad Pitt and Jerry Seinfeld have several.  So, if you’re looking for a high-quality, timeless and classic timepiece, perhaps Breitling is the brand for you too!

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