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Spring is here and as we know, “April showers bring May flowers”.  Now, while it may take another month before we see the world in living color again, it’s never too soon to adorn oneself with flowers.  Floral prints and designs have always been popular as they pertain to fashion; and within the context of jewelry there’s absolutely no exception!

As we see here, actress Dakota Fanning is all dolled up not only for an LA movie premiere, but also for spring.  Her main accessory: A multi-color diamond flower ring.  The ring is oversized (as are most cocktail rings of this season) but it sparkles like the dickens, and truly compliments her glitzy cocktail dress.  Of course, she could very easily wear the same exact ring while shopping on Rodeo drive in a very casual day-time look! 

Pink flower ring

Burdeen's Flower Power

Here at Burdeen’s Jewelry we feature many different kinds of jewelry with “Flower Power”. 

Our flower ring pictured here is made from 18K rose gold,
and is pave-set with diamonds as well as 3 shades of pink sapphires.  How lovely!


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