Mixed Mediums

The fall season has brought about many new ways to be expressive with your style. We are seeing big “chunky” pieces, broad spectrums of color and nature inspired designs. One thing that catches our eye is the use of different textures and mediums.

For years the use of mixed mediums in clothing fashions has been a big to do. Therefore, we have to ask; why not carry this from your closet to your jewelry box? Incorporating different materials with your jewelry pieces allows for a more unique look. With jewelry as well as time pieces mixing gold, steel, rubber, ceramic, leather, silk and more is definitely the way to go.

See our stunning and alluring  Italian made bracelets that use a mix of 18k gold, leather and diamonds pictured below. These beauties can be worn individually or can be stacked together. The swivel snap closure combines an industrial look with the elegance of pave set diamonds.

Oromalia Italian made bracelets

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