The Artistry of Jewelry

Located in southern Italy is a small fishing village called Torre Del Grecco. This town holds the world’s most talented craftsmen that have been long recognized for their astonishing hand carved cameos. If you have ever held a cameo and looked upon its ornate details you could not deny their beauty.

Cameos are carved most commonly from Carnelian shells and though they have existed for many centuries they were most popularized by Queen Victoria of England in the late 1800’s. Cameos were commonly worn as a mark of prestige and cultural status.

Today some of the most alluring jewelry pieces have been presented by Gennaro Borriello. Chicago artist and jeweler, Jason Burdeen, has revived the classic cameo and brought it to modern times where it can be worn to express deep meaning and feeds the desire for unique artistry. Every piece holds a story to be told and the meticulous framing of the cameos reveals the care that has been provided in order to encapsulate such feeling.

Burdeen’s Jewelry proudly displays the achievements of the Gennarro Borriello collection. Pictured below is “Twin Souls” pendant shown in 18k rose gold and set with round brilliant cut diamonds.  

"Every soul was originally created with a mate which completes that with which we lack and compliments all that we have"

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