What a Girl Wants

So it’s no secret that women can sometimes be difficult to shop for and around holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and other such gift giving events, you may be left scratching your head, wondering what you can get that special woman in your life.  Women like so many things! Well there are two things we know women like for certain and that’s chocolate and of course diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This year combine the two and give her the best of both worlds.

Chocolate diamonds can pair up nicely with a wide variety of clothing and other jewelry pieces. They can be worn for any occasion. You might think to yourself “Wait, are there other types of brown stones?” and the answer is yes, however we must ask in return “Is there any other stone that can scintillate and mesmerize like a diamond?” and the answer is no.

The rich chocolate color combined with the brilliant sparkle of the diamonds in our necklace (pictured below) are truly captivating. This medallion offers a symmetry and style that is best described as being unique and versatile. Enhance any pendant by adding a beautiful rose gold, yellow gold or white gold chain that can add a contrast and make your piece truly one of a kind.

18k yellow gold pendant set with chocolate and white diamonds.

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