These days there are so many earring styles available to make the perfect statement. You can choose the forever classic hoops, delicate dangles, pearls or even the simple diamond studs. There are so many choices that can perfectly compliment any of your everyday fashions.

However, sometimes you need a little more “wow factor” and that’s when you reach for a pair of chandelier earrings. They frame a face perfectly and tell the world that you are feeling glamorous. A pair of exquisite earrings can transform that little black dress into a stunning red carpet look. These diamond beauties will satisfy any neckline or hair style making them the perfect accessory.

Catherine Zeta Jones appeared on the red carpet at the Golden Globes this year wearing a strapless gown and a lovely pair of chandeliers. She thoroughly demonstrates that the old saying “less is more” still stands. She looks elegant and tasteful having chosen such a clean and simple look. By choosing one or two bold pieces you can make a statement without looking cluttered.

This custom made pair of chandeliers (pictured below) featuring hand set brilliant cut diamonds are available in 18k gold or platinum and are made to have a natural movement allowing the diamonds to display their optimal brilliance.

Ref# 310-11193 Burdeen's Jewelry

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