LeAnn Rimes: On the Red Carpet

LeAnn Rimes attended an event for America’s Got Talent looking dapper.  She wore a Dolce&Gabana lacey-starry black dress and rose-gold door-knocker earrings.  The talented young country singer has been photographed more frequently since she recently married Eddie Cibrian, a co-star in Northern Lights, a made-for-TV movie.

LeAnn Rimes in rose-gold door-knocker earrings 360-10101

LeAnn Rimes in rose-gold door-knocker earrings

Burdeen's offers earrings like LeAnn Rimes's. Ref# 360-10101

As an alternative to having the door-knocker earrings with empty space, the void can be filled with dangling pearls which nicely compliment the hue of rose gold. Ref # 360-10101

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