First Text Sent today.

On Dec. 3, 1992, the first telephone text message was sent by British engineer Neil Papworth, who transmitted the greeting “Merry Christmas” from his work computer in Newbury, Berkshire, to Vodafone executive Richard Jarvis’ mobile phone.

1992 marks the year President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama were married. Michelle Obama’s taste in fashion and jewelry is a common topic in the media. The types of jewelry the first ladies wear give an interesting lens through which to view a presidency as well as a specific time period in our country’s history. Much has been written about first ladies pearls and president’s timepieces.  First lady’s pearls, a trend often seen on Jacqueline Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, and Barbara Bush is a classic look worn by many women. For our countries president’s, timepieces, cufflinks, tie clips, and lapel pins have been noted and analyzed. Most notably, a president’s timepiece is considered as important as their suit. Timepieces are often is given as a gift with an inscription on the back and passed down from generation to generation both men and women.

Jaqut Droz Les Lunes at Burdeen's

Pre-Owned Timepiece Burdeen's Jewelry

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