Avenger Hurricane 12-Hour takes a gorgeous watch, makes it legible

Hurricane 12H

Here at Burdeen’s Jewelry, as an Authorized Dealer of several brands, we get the chance to see just about every single special edition watch that comes through Baselworld. It’s enough to make just about any watch enthusiast drool. One of the watches that we’ve been lucky enough to obtain is the Avenger Hurricane – both of ‘em.

What sets the Hurricane apart from other Breitling Avengers, and frankly, the similarly-sized Super Avenger is its case. The Hurricane is made out of a material called Breitlight. It’s a resin that’s six times lighter than stainless steel so even a 50mm watch like the Hurricane feels especially light on the wrist compared to Super Avengers and other Breitlings.

Plus, it’s about as scratch resistant as a black watch will get. Unlike PVD or any other black case, this is no black coating over stainless steel – this thing’s black through and through.

Avenger Hurricane 24, we hardly knew ye 

For all of one week, the Avenger Hurricane 24 graced the Burdeen’s Jewelry Breitling case with its presence. Nevertheless, wth its black dial and yellow accents, this watch was a looker! Thanks to its 24-hour dial, it was anything but ordinary.

When you’re taught how to read an analog watch in elementary school, one of the very first things you’re taught is that 90-degree angles equates to 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock. However, with a 24 hour dial, all of that learned behavior is turned on its head.

It’s not all that difficult to get used to, but it is a challenge – especially if you’re a watch collector. Switching between watches daily can be an immense challenge if you glance at a 24-hour watch, where what looks like 3:15 is actually 6:15. It’s disorienting for the first hour or so every time you put on the watch. Still, oh my god, is the Avenger Hurricane 24H a good looking watch! The black on yellow strap accentuates the black Breitlight case perfectly and the understated yellow accents on the dial make it the perfect sporty watch for any situation.

Thanks to its good looks and the buzz surrounding the watch, it was summarily picked up by a lucky Breitling enthusiast.

24H? We don’t need no stinking 24H!

If you love the looks of the Avenger Hurricane, the feel of Breitlight, and the color yellow, we’ve got the Avenger Hurricane 12-Hour right here in Buffalo Grove. Unlike the 24-hour version, the 12H ditches the understated black dial for a full-on yellow dial. Plus, there’s no issue with reading this watch at a glance. Breitling made the decision to drop the 24-hour dial for a traditional 12-hour one and it makes it oh-so-much easier to read at a glance.

While it also ditches yellow strap for an all-black strap, this is a watch that will grab attention. Plus, we foresee that Breitling will limit production on this watch just as much as they have on the 24-hour version. While they know that they have a hit on their hands, they’re certainly not going to dilute it by overproducing the watch.

For more information about the Avenger Hurricane 12H or to test it out for yourself, contact Burdeen’s Jewelry at 800-656-0414.

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