Pre-Baselworld 2017: Breitling Hopes & Desires


Another year, another Baselworld. Even as a Breitling Authorized Dealer, we’re never too sure what’s coming around the corner for our oldest brand. Now, there are a few definites heading into the 2017 Baselworld for Breitling: 1. There will be a 46mm Navitimer 01. 2. Breitling is rolling out a Breitlight version of the Colt Skyracer – and word around is that it will be one of the most inexpensive watches in the Bretiling lineup.

Why are these pieces of news so important? Well, the 01’s new size is important because this 46mm version of the Navi marries the best Navitimer with the watch’s most attractive size – how could this possibly go wrong? As for the Breitlight Skyracer, this watch may be the entry level watch that Breitling has been looking for – perfect for young people looking to get into the Swiss watch collecting hobby. As more people look at watches just for the decoration and not for timekeeping, watches like the new Skyracer are essential in a watchmaker’s lineup.

Beyond the Navitimer and Skyracer, we’re unsure what else is coming down the Breitling pipeline. But, if we were in control, there are a few ‘colorful’ things that we might try at one of our favorite brands.

We would be so excited if Breitling would make a Navitimer 01 Blacksteel & Super Avenger II Blacksteel - with a Blacksteel bracelt.

We would be so excited if Breitling would make a Navitimer 01 Blacksteel & Super Avenger II Blacksteel – with a Blacksteel bracelt.


What do we want? More colors! Breitling has made its name by offering choice upon delivery and recently they’ve made an effort to ‘Black Steel’ almost every watch in their lineup. But maybe they haven’t quite gone far enough. While Black Steel Cases are a welcome respite from your average polished Breitling case, we would love to see a Black Steel version of every bracelet. Some wearers would rather have bracelets than croc, leather or rubber strap and keeping the ‘murdered’ out look would be spectacular in 2017 and beyond.

Thus far, Breitling has offered just a black rubber variant of its Ocean Classic bracelet. We want the real deal for every black watch that offers the Ocean classic. Black Transocean? You get a Blacksteel Ocean Classic! Chronoliner? Transocean? Everybody gets a Blacksteel Ocean Classic!

Like we said, what sets Breitling apart from other high end watch brands is not necessarily the in-house 01 Movement; it’s not the fact that they get their movements certified – it’s the fact that you get to customize your watch right from the get-go.

We believe there's room in Breitling's Superocean lineup for more colors. Make it happen!

We believe there’s room in Breitling’s Superocean lineup for more colors. Make it happen!

‘Diving’ in head-first

That said, Blacksteel isn’t the only color that we want. Omega made a fortune on its Planet Ocean lineup by offering just about every color. We would love to see the same thing in it Superocean and Superocean Heritage diver lineups. While the Superocean Heritage lineup has a nice amount of choices with green, blue, black and gold, we believe that Breitling would hit it out of the park with even more choices.

While the Superoceans are extremely handsome in their own right, there should be rainbow of colors to choose from – especially with the Superocean II. With its polished case, it is attention-grabbing to say the least, but the bezel only comes in a few colors – gray, black, white and blue. While there is a red version of the watch, it comes with red subdials while the bezel stays in the same old black. We think this should change and Baselworld 2017 is the perfect chance to make a ‘splash’ with Breitling’s impressive line of divers.

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