Chicago Cubs set to have 108 diamonds in World Series Ring

NOT the real ring

NOT the real ring

With hell freezing over last year and the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, there is one thing that has caught our attention: the championship ring. As proud members of the Chicagoland community, and of course, Jewelers, we are very interested in seeing the Cubs’ 2016 Championship ring that’s set to be unveiled tonight during the pregame ceremony.

There is one major aspect that’s set in stone: there will be 108 diamonds in each ring – one for each year in the Chicago Cubs’ historic World Series drought. Who spilled the beans on that design aspect? Cubs outfielder Jason Heyward. While the true ring design has yet to be unveiled, that hasn’t stopped many sports memorabilia companies from taking a crack at it.

While we wouldn’t trounce on such a historic event, we are proud of our North Siders who ended over a century of futility less than six months ago. Let’s make it two and we can’t wait to see the ring!

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