Maybe the new Navitimer 8 isn’t so IWC Pilot-y

Untitled design

Since the full release of the new Breitling Navitimer 8, the redesigned watch has come under a bit of fire due to its more retro design. One watch in particular, the Navitimer 8 Automatic was under particular scrutiny because some Breitling enthusiasts, ourselves included, thought that it resembled the IWC Pilot Mark XVIII, just with a larger bezel.

Well, upon further inspection, we were wrong.

Everything’s different

Comparing the two watches’ looks, the first complication is the date wheel. On the Pilot, the location is a 3 o’clock. That’s just the first of many differences between the two watches. On the Navitimer 8, the railroad track minute scale takes the place of the Pilot’s indices plus, the biggest thing is the difference between the bezels.


On the Breitling, the rotating bezel is masculine and chunky. After looking at the Navitimer, now the Pilot looks a bit like the Breitling with its bezel taken off. Finally, the bracelet is completely different. On Pilots, IWC chose to use a throwback look with its jubilee-style bracelet. Meanwhile, Breitling looks toward the future with a Professional-style bracelet.

At 41 mm, the Navitimer 8 is also slightly larger than the Pilot at 40 mm. They are within six one thousands of a millimeter of each other in thickness with the Pilot Mark XVIII. So in general, if you like one, in general, you’re going to like the other.


For more information about the Breitling Navitimer 8 or the IWC Pilot Mark XVIII, call Burdeen’s Jewelry at 847-459-8980.

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