Engagement Rings of the Stars – 2018

Engagement Rings for the Stars

This year brought brought some incredible engagement ring trends. From the rise of rose gold to the reemergence of vintage styles, 2018 was a year to die for in engagement rings. As always, the best place to look for engagement ring trends is the stunning ring fingers of the stars. Here at Burdeen’s we wanted to give you an inside look at some of the biggest celebrity weddings of 2018 and the dazzling rings that you can get, right here on the floor at Burdeen’s Jewelry.

Lea Michele

Lea Michele & Zandy Reich

Glee’s Lea Michele was probably singing like an angel when her beau Zandy Reich pulled out a 4-carat Radiant Cut Solitaire in an eternity setting. This ring was a classic stunner – sure to never go out of style because the dazzling Radiant Cut diamond is the star – just like Lea Michele.


While, if you wanted, we could copy this ring stone for stone, one of our rings that looks just enough like Lea Michele’s, but forges its own path is our Platinum Radiant Center ring. Unlike Lea Michele’s ring, our stunning ring has two emerald cut stones to give it more dimension as well as a halo to give the center stone more size while controlling cost. Our gorgeous ring is a good way to be inspired by a star’s ring without copying it.


Natalie Portman Ring

Natalie Portman & Benjamin Millepied

It’s been a long time since Star Wars, but Natalie’s dazzling ring was plucked straight out of the night sky. Natalie’s old-mine cut center stone is set in an intertwined band with pave set gems. Like Lea Michele’s ring, Natalie chose timelessness over trendiness, hence the old world gemstone and intertwined setting – two engagement ring trends that have stood for decades.


Looking over the Burdeen’s Bridal cases, we chose a Round Cut Halo Ring. Why? Like Natalie’s ring, this stunning ring has an old world feel thanks to a three-sided diamond basket setting with diamond encrusted shank. In addition, it has gorgeous beading detail going around the center diamond and halo. Our ring has so much breathtaking detail work that belies its under-$10,000 cost. Again, not exactly a copy of Natalie’s ring – and this one definitely doesn’t have the cost – but it has just as much timeless charm so it can be passed down for generations.


Mandy Moore w Ring

Mandy Moore & Taylor Goldsmith

Once again, a traditional ring wins out! Mandy Moore was swept off her feet with an understated round diamond ring on a rose gold halo ring. Unlike the other stars on the red carpet, Mandy didn’t want a giant stone, instead, she went with the trend of rose gold.


Thanks to the metal choice, we have chosen our ravishing Rose Gold Solitaire Round Diamond Engagement Ring. Unlike Mandy Moore’s ring, we avoided the halo and went for the larger center stone to show the power of the 2.35 carat stone. While halo’s have become very in-fashion, depending on the situation, it’s just better to have all eyes go on the center stone.

Sophie Turner Ring

Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas

Sometimes, you can’t improve upon perfection. Sophie Turner’s knockout ring featured a 3.5-carat pear shaped diamond on a split shank setting. Simply stunning.


Well, that’s why we already had essentially the same ring in stock. Except, ours features a 2.21-carat pear shaped diamond and a split shank that isn’t an eternity setting. Going without the eternity setting and going with a smaller stone gives you all of the alluring looks of Sophie Turner without the cost. Of course, we are “Always Custom” at Burdeen’s, so we can always make your dreams (and your diamonds) as large as you desire.

Meghan Markle Final

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry

This was, by far, the biggest wedding of this year. We’d say, it’s the biggest wedding since his brother got married back in 2011. When Hollywood Royalty and British Royalty combine, there better be a breathtaking ring. Prince Harry designed a magnificent three stone ring rose gold ring cast in Welsh Gold – as is Royal Tradition.


Well, our gold may not be Welsh Gold, but it is just as stunning. We chose an alluring three stone round ring in white gold. Obviously, this ring can be made in rose or yellow gold, but this particular in-stock ring is in white. Ours features a 2.01 carat round center stone and two more round .55-carat side stones for over 3.1 carats of total diamond weight. This is a stunning ring made for American royalty – and of course, as with all Burdeen’s Engagement Rings, it can be remade in any size and any style to fit your taste and budget.

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