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A. Lange & Söhne debuts at Burdeen’s Jewelry

As you can see, we’ve been going through a lot of changes in a short period of time here at Burdeen’s. From a store expansion about to break ground to a brand new site, Matt Burdeen has invested a lot … Continue reading

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Burdeen’s Jewelry rolls out brand new website

Change is in the air at Burdeen’s Jewelry. One thing that we’ve never been afraid of here is moving forward. What we are afraid of is standing still. Matt Burdeen has always wanted to constantly be at the razor’s edge … Continue reading

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Chicago Cubs set to have 108 diamonds in World Series Ring

With hell freezing over last year and the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, there is one thing that has caught our attention: the championship ring. As proud members of the Chicagoland community, and of course, Jewelers, we are very … Continue reading

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Why go with an Authorized Dealer vs. Gray Market?

As an Authorized Dealer for six of the biggest watch brands in the world, one of the biggest questions that we get asked is why should you pay more to buy a watch from an Authorized Dealer as opposed to … Continue reading

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Next generation alloys ‘steel’ the show at Swiss watch brands

There’s much more to the watch game than dials and movements. Before a watch even gets designed, metallic and ceramic alloys must be created. Many of these alloys are created just for the watch brands that enthusiasts like you and … Continue reading

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Baselworld: Where’s Ulysse Nardin?

During our Baselworld coverage of our brands this year, you may have been wondering about one thing: where’s Ulysse Nardin? As one of our most innovative brands, they typically make their presence known at both SIHH and/or Baselworld every year. … Continue reading

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Baselworld Day One: Updated Superocean, Navitimer from Breitling

The more things change, the more they stay the same for Breitling at Baselworld. Much like other Swiss watch brands, Breitling came out with multiple updates for their best-selling lines including the Navitimer, Colt, Chronomat, and Superocean Heritage. Breitling went … Continue reading

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Pre-Baselworld 2017: Omega Rumors – Reincarnated Railmaster

With Baselworld so close, we can’t get it off of our mind even after covering our Breitling desires, so we’ll just push forward with another one of our brands. Now, keep in mind that even as an Authorized Dealer, our … Continue reading

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Pre-Baselworld 2017: Breitling Hopes & Desires

Another year, another Baselworld. Even as a Breitling Authorized Dealer, we’re never too sure what’s coming around the corner for our oldest brand. Now, there are a few definites heading into the 2017 Baselworld for Breitling: 1. There will be … Continue reading

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UN’s all-new Classic Sonata marries beautiful music & attainable price

If only every alarm sounded this nice – perhaps we wouldn’t ever have been late to class! Ulysse Nardin’s redesigned Classic Sonata marries the classical styling and quality craftsmanship that UN is known for with a far more pleasing ‘cathedral … Continue reading

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