International Watch Company Comes to Burdeen’s Jewelry!


At Burdeen’s Jewelry, it’s hard to pick just ONE watch brand. We thought we’d complicate the decision even more by adding yet another AMAZING watch brand to the mix – one with a backbone for conservation efforts around the globe. From their historic headquarters in Schaffhausen, International Watch Company (IWC to those who know the difference) has established an international reputation with its passion for innovation and technical inventiveness. Their product families appeal to a variety of temperaments and passions. Their support of global landmark projects in response to environmental challenges make them the perfect fit for Burdeen’s Jewelry and their north shore clientele.


“We are excited to be an authorized retailer for IWC. IWC watches are sought after timepieces for a number of reasons including their tradition, their reputation and their craftsmanship. In addition, we believe in making a difference in our community and IWC’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility aligns well with the Burdeen’s mission.” Matt Burdeen


IWC is complemented in our showroom by Chopard, Breitling, Omega, JLC and UN. In addition to our new selection of watches, we carry a large selection of pre-owned timepieces, making Burdeen’s Jewelry THE place to shop for your next watch. To learn more about Burdeen’s Jewelry and purchase IWC watches, visit us online at or call 847.459.8980.

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Celebrating Chi-Town Rising

For what seems like forever, the nation has looked to New York City for the countdown to the New Year.  In 1904, the first New Year’s Eve celebration was held in Times Square and since 1972 all heads have turned to the ball drop counting down the New Year – here in Chicago at 11:00 pm.

This year it’s our turn.  This first-of-its-kind New Year’s Eve celebration called Chi-Town Rising is destined to turn a few heads back to the Midwest, and put Chicago on the New Year’s Eve map.  If you ask us, it’s about time.

As we look forward to this monumental, history making event, the really big question is what do you wear to an epic event?


Whether you’re celebrating at Howell’s & Hood in a lavish Gucci Lurex plisse skirt and silver fox or entertaining in the comforts of your own home in an Elder Statesman Intarsia cashmere jumpsuit, one thing is certain; this is the year of the Rising Star and no outfit is complete, be it at home or out and about, without beautiful jewelry to help you shine bright.

Stop in at Burdeen’s today and choose from our one-of-a-kind custom pieces to celebrate this first-of-its-kind event and shine bright ushering in the New Year like the Rising Star you are.

Visit us online at for all your jewelry needs!


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Five Reasons the Kohl Children’s Bangle Bracelets and Necklaces Make Perfect Gifts for Teachers

With Thanksgiving over and the holidays in full swing, it’s time to turn your attention to finding the perfect gifts. The holidays give us the opportunity to show those around us how much we appreciate them all year long. Apart from the usual gift giving to family members and friends, many of us take this time to thank the people in our lives that we entrust with our children; their teachers.

We’d like to offer up 5 reasons why giving the Burdeen’s Kohl Children’s Museum one-of-a-kind bangle bracelets and necklaces to the teachers in your life is a great idea.


Gold Colored Bangle Bracelet and Charms

ONE – Teaching is a difficult job. You don’t go into teaching to make a lot of money. You go into teaching because you want to make a difference. Today’s teachers face many struggles in the classroom every day and they come back day after day because they love your children and they want to make a difference in their lives. You entrust your most precious little people to them every day. Thanking them with something nice is just good karma.


Platinum Colored Bangle Bracelet

TWO – While a Starbuck’s gift card is great, your children are unique, special and one-of-a-kind. Give a gift that is as unique as your child. The Kohl Children’s bangles and necklaces are one-of-a-kind bracelets and necklaces created specifically in honor of the Kohl Children’s Museum 30th Anniversary. Every time your child’s teacher wears this piece, they will be reminded of your child and how special they are.


Create Your Own Teacher’s Gift by Adding Charms

THREE – Teachers give of themselves every day. Giving back is just part of who they are. Giving the Kohl Children’s bangles and necklaces gives back as well. Burdeen’s Jewelry donates 100% of the proceeds to the Kohl Children’s Museum to support their mission that every child deserves to discover the transformational power of creativity and imagination.


Tailor Your Gift For Each Teacher On Your List!

FOUR – The Kohl Children’s bangle bracelets and necklaces are beautiful pieces of jewelry. Whether your teacher is a jewelry person or not, a whimsical bangle or necklace goes with anything from jeans to a night out. Both the bracelets and necklaces are either plated 18k yellow gold or plated platinum and adorned with the Kohl’s growing tree logo. If you want to personalize the item even more, add some matching charms!


Stop In Burdeen’s Jewelry To See Them In Person!

FIVE – At only $30 for necklaces and $40 for bangles, they come wrapped in the signature Burdeen’s cream colored package with a beautiful blue bow, which makes a statement all on its own!

A great gift for the great teachers in your life. You can purchase your Kohl Children’s bangles, necklaces and charms directly through our website at Purchase yours today and cross the teacher’s gifts off your list!







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What would you do to spend a day in Beyonce’s shoes?

Her $300,000 shoes! These custom stilettos are encrusted in 1,300 diamonds, and set in solid 18K gold! According to Footwear News, Queen Bey made her big purchase for a whopping $312,000 at England’s House of Borgeize. The Princess Constellation Stilettos will be featured in her new music video. Whether it’s a pair of diamond encrusted shoes or an engagement ring you are in the market for, Burdeen’s has over 30 years of designing haute jewels. We pride ourselves on beautiful custom creations and we have a true passion for design. Whether we are updating a family heirloom or collaborating on a modern piece, we will exceed all your expectations on your beautiful jewelry purchase! Make sure to visit Burdeen’s for all of your custom jewelry needs.


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April 2015

Chicago Magazine April 2015 CoverYellow Ring Ad- Best JewelerSheridan Road April 2015 CoverJLC Ad 2Barrington Country April-May 2015 CoverQB March-April 2014 Ad

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March 2015

The Knot Spring-Sumer 2015 CoverEngagement Ad-Best JewelerChicago March 2015 CoverYellow Ring Ad- Best JewelerMIB March-April 2015 CoverYellow Ring Ad- Best JewelerSheridan Road March 2015 CoverGet Used Ad

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February 2015

Sheridan Road Feb 2015 CoverYellow Ring Ad- Best JewelerBarrington Country Feb-March 2015 CoverYellow Ring Ad- Best Jeweler

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January 2015

Chicago Jan 2015 CoverGet Used AdMake It Better Jan-Feb 2015 CoverFashion Ad- Best Jeweler

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December 2014

Barrington Country Dec-Jan 14-15 CoverBarrington Country Dec-Jan 14-15 Breitling AdSheridan Road Dec-Jan 14-15 CoverSheridan Road Dec-Jan 14-15 Chopard AdC201412-Cover-b2fda6d2Get Used Ad

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The Hottest New Accessory All the Stylish Men are Wearing!

This season, men’s cufflinks have been really haute! Some of the hottest male dressers all have one thing in common, they are all wearing cufflinks! Cufflinks are no longer for the conservative and formal male. These Hollywood mega-stars represent style and elegance. The top 5 cufflink wearers include Prince William, Leonardo Dicaprio, Lord Sugar, George Clooney, and Colin Firth. Stop in to pick up a pair for yourself or that handsome male in your life.

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